Digital Digest- One for the Ladies

With our new link format, Digital Digest, we will provide links to all the must-read articles related to the business of pushing content.  We’re kicking it off with a post dedicated to our female readers.


  • Oh no she didn’t!  Remember that unflattering photo of you that your friend posted on Facebook?  Apparently it was deliberate.
  • Google offended some attendees at their recent women in technology conference, Google I/O, by not offering event t-shirts in women’s sizes.
  • After a blogger started a Kickstarter project to explore female stereotypes in video games, she was attacked by a hoard of internet trolls. Undeterred, she fought back, gained strength from the increased publicity and funded her project.  Ultimately, we agree with this dude, it is time to stand up against this sort of behavior on the internet, just as we would in real life.
  • Recent studies suggest that women may face an increased risk of breast cancer after IVF treatment.  In related news, the first woman to successfully receive such treatment passed away this week.


  • The ladies can’t seem to get enough of Channing Tatum’s hot dance routine from his recently released movie, Magic Mike.
  • If you enjoyed that, here’s a question for you: Would you be willing to trade your favorite earrings for the first person experience? (Got to love the stack of dollars and jewelry in front of the guys).
  • Someone took their fantasy of living in a doll house a bit too far.
  • The latest video from Amy Poehler’s web series, Smart Girls at the Party, features a 14-year-old female boxer who teaches Amy a few tricks. If you happen to know a young woman with talent, Amy invites all interested parties to send her a silly application video.