Daily Links- May 25, 2012

Each day we post links to our favorite news items related to the digital distribution trade, as well as a few tidbits about the assets being distributed.  We categorize them accordingly.  This is… Pushing Content:


  • Dish Network’s new DVR that allows users to “auto-skip” advertisements results in a predictable outcome.
  • Interesting question: What’s more valuable, churning out new popular content or owning the rights to a large library of older but well recognized content?
  • Liquor advertising returns to television.
  • Fantastic presentation on the evolution of print and the publishing industry.
  • Analyst predicts that Newfronts, the recently branded digital response to the television industry’s Upfronts, will ultimately result in failure for digital content provider platforms.


  • Flavorwire released their third “Famous Faces in their Film Debuts” video essay.  If you enjoyed it, be sure to catch the first and second video essays as well.
  • Helping a child in need, building brand goodwill and encouraging your most emphatic fans… Go Marvel Comics! A super heroic gesture from the brand, and I’ll bet the artists involved even enjoyed doing the work.
  • On the other hand, here’s an example from Jay Leno on how not to handle the digital frontier.  This is an incredible amount of damage done to the Jay Leno brand and for what gain?  You can read the original open letter to Jay in its entirety here.
  • If this prototype 3D display doesn’t get you excited about the future of video games then you’re not a gamer.
  • A new 50 Cent mixtape?  Available as a free download?