Checking in With Captain Buzzword

From time to time we let our industry peers weigh in.  Without further ado…

Hiya Folks,

Great to be here.

I recently attended a team building seminar and it really got my juices flowing about the synergy of end-to-end digital media services and the players that power them.  For just a second, I’d like to turn the spotlight on the unique skillset and core values of the folks that power our technology.  It is these people that create the sort of high-performance, user-oriented consumer experiences that allow us to continue to meet the milestones of our product roadmap.  So, as we visualize the possibilities of future-proofing our core technology, I think it is important to remember the individuals that are the fuel that pump our collective engines.  It is this group that empowers the frictionless implementation of our marketing vision as applies to our core demographic.

Thanks for having me and thank you for allowing me to help you visualize the possibilities of a truly Agile, laser-focused team.  Now let’s put 30 minutes on the calendar next week to circle the wagons and take this thing to the next level.

-The Captain