Daily Links – June 21, 2012

Each business day we post links to our favorite news items related to the digital distribution trade, as well as a few tidbits about the assets being distributed.  We categorize them accordingly.  This is… Pushing Content:


  • Amazon makes a bold move in the race to register the new internet Top Level Domains.
  • Company develops innovative method for managing malware attacks by constraining the infection to a virtual node.
  • Cable companies are enhancing their ability to insert more diverse advertising into On Demand television.  Unfortunately, one cable executive states, “The addition of dynamically inserted ads into VOD actually results in a much better user experience… more like linear TV.”  Uh… no.  No one except cable company executives will feel their user experience will be better with additional linear-style ads.
  • U.S Olympic Committee vastly underestimates the digital vengeance of the connected Knitting community.


  • A video was posted to YouTube documenting abusive children bullying a bus monitor (Warning: this video is NSFW-language, will make you sick to your stomach and possibly force you doubt the future of the human race). In response, the internet raised $400,000 for her to go on vacation and retire.
  • After that, it might help to know there is still beauty in this world.