Digital Digest- 26 July, 2012


  • Should every social media manager be under 25? Yes, argues a young writer for Nextgen Journal with no experience in the role and still struggling to achieve financial independence from her (clearly over 25) parents.
    • Transparency kudos to Nextgen Journal for also posting this well written rebuttal by Mark Story, someone with actual experience in the field.
  • Valve’s Gabe Newell has a pretty negative take on Windows 8 and is hedging appropriately.
  • Similarly, Fortune outlines their take on the future of videogames and videogame hardware.
  • Twitter is targeting big advertisers with a pretty slick pitch deck.
  • A look back at a rough year for Netflix.
    • More bad news: Consumer Reports released a report detailing customer satisfaction for streaming video services and Netflix was rated very poorly.
  • RadioShack is a victim of its own iPhone strategy success.