Terms of Service

Terms of Service*

  1. We’re not selling you anything so these terms of service don’t really matter.
  2. That said, by visiting our site you agree to read our content with an open mind and a willingness for intellectual debate with a healthy dose of sarcasm.
  3. Of course, we don’t enable comments, so there’s not really any debate.  Instead, we hope that you enjoy the information we so thoroughly enjoyed creating.  We don’t ask for dialog, mostly because you are the interwebs which, collectively but sadly, makes you a little bit of an unstable idiot prone to dick jokes, spam, self-promotion and other tomfoolery. Comments are now enabled. We ask that in commenting you stay on-topic. External links are allowed. Spam is not.
  4. If you disagree with these terms at any given time, you are welcome to not visit.  We appreciate you visiting when you do.

*These terms of service are subject to change at any given time with ample notice provided to our member community**

**of which we have none, so no verbose and obnoxiously long e-mail warning for you.  Sorry ‘bout that, we know you’ve grown accustomed to them.