This blog is undergoing a reboot.

Going forward, this blog will be have a more technical focus with less emphasis on entertainment and management theory. The overall focus will be to act as a public-facing repository of my notes as relates to the industry of “pushing content”.

Currently, I’m working on a project concerning internet video distribution and publication so you can expect the next few posts to focus on this aspect of Pushing Content.

There will be no fixed posting schedule. New blog posts will appear as I have notes that I either wish to share or desire to have in some form of public repository (that I control directly).

Digital Glitch Causes 4th of July Fireworks to Explode Early

It’s okay San Diego, it happens to everyone at some point (um, so we hear).  In what authorities are calling a case of “premature ignition,” the 4th of July fireworks celebration that was originally planned to last 20 minutes in duration instead went for only 15 seconds.  A computer glitch is believed to be the cause and authorities are currently investigating.

Full coverage and social media response roundup from NBC San Diego.