Daily Links – June 13, 2012

Each business day we post links to our favorite news items related to the digital distribution trade, as well as a few tidbits about the assets being distributed.  We categorize them accordingly.  This is… Pushing Content:


  • The method to successfully getting your app accepted by Apple.
  • Fantastic infographic on the business impact of the digital revolution.
  • Time magazine has a good piece on the online high school experience.
  • Some great tips here on how (and when) to best implement responsive design.
  • Taking public radio into the digital distribution era.
  • The US Justice Department is investigating if cable companies are unfairly stifling streaming video initiatives…
  • …but hopes for an outcome in favor of the consumer are limited.


  • The Dallas television series reboot debuted to warm reviews.
  • The showrunner provided some additional details behind the decision to continue the story rather than reboot it.
  • The Diablo III Real-Money Auction launched in the US and is predicted to launch in the EU this Friday.
  • This year’s Tony Awards hit a historically low number of viewers.