The 10 Most Common Articles on Business and Technology Sites

  1. The Shocking Headline That Sounds Fascinating but Really Our Article has Very Little to do With (We’re talking about you here
  2. The Three Things Killing Your Business RIGHT NOW! (click through for details, after watching the ad, sign up to read full article)
  3. The Smart and Snarky Article that you Would Never See on a Mainstream Media Site
  4. The Rewrite and Repost of the Same on a Different Site with Very Subtle (or no) Source Attribution
  5. ‘My Bad Day’- Re-titled and Written as a Metaphor for Common Business Challenges- cat bites and difficult travel experiences are all game
  6. The Gushing Evangelistic “Review” of the Latest and Greatest Thing from Apple
  7. What Company X MUST do to Save their Dying Business Written by a Someone with No Experience Saving Dying Businesses
  8. The Business Equivalent of, “Does this make me look fat?”- Personal Stories of Business Challenges Overcome so Readers can Marvel at that Thing I Did and Respond with Nice Comments
  9. The Story that has very Little to do with Business or Technology but Allowed me to use Photos of Semi-nude Women or the Word ‘Sex’
  10. Big Name Person Says Shocking Thing (when taken out of context of course)