Daily Links – June 19, 2012

Each business day we post links to our favorite news items related to the digital distribution trade, as well as a few tidbits about the assets being distributed.  We categorize them accordingly.  This is… Pushing Content:


  • App developer 955 Dreams is helping to redefine user-interactivity in mobile advertising.  With plans to license the technology, this tiny startup has a very bright future.
  • Facebook is taking over your life…and your wallet.  Subsidiary is hard at work planning total domination.
  • Rights and royalties finally sorted out for indie musicians whose work appears on Vevo, the music video streaming service.
  • Mozilla releases Thimble, a simple side-by-side web design tool.  Note to parents: With slickly implemented gamification applied to their Projects feature, this is a great starting point for children (or anyone really).
  • Everything you need to know about Microsoft’s new tablet device, Surface, in a well-edited 90 second video from Gizmodo.  The case-as-keyboard thing is pretty cool.


  • Can Arsenio Hall mount a successful return to talk show television?  Maybe, although I wouldn’t count on seeing Mitt Romney with a saxophone any time soon.
  • HBO’s Game of Thrones reimagined as a romantic comedy.