Everything Old is New- Old Content Outselling New Content

The Kids are Alright

Album cover for The Who’s “The Kids are Alright” overlayed with the real world photo shoot location. Source: PopSpotsNYC.com

Did you know that, according to the most recent numbers from Nielsen Soundscan, old CDs are outselling new CDs for the first time? While many theories have been floated by various pundits as to why this phenomenon is occurring, I tend to agree with the folks at Death and Taxes magazine that the shift is happening because younger music consumers are simply not buying CDs anymore.

So that makes sense, younger folks have no interest in compact disks.  They may not even have CD players.  This might also help explain why iTunes and Spotify are now the top revenue generators for record labels.  But it doesn’t explain why the most popular concerts thus far in 2012 are older acts.  Consider that the top three touring acts this year are Roger Waters (touring an album first released in 1979), Michael Jackson’s digital ghost and Bruce Springsteen. Can’t help but wonder what brand of cell phone these concert goers are using.

And as long as we’re talking about old content in the new world, go ahead and take a look at PopSpotsNYC.com, the source for our image above, where photographer Bob Egan has painstakingly tracked down the location of iconic images in pop culture and digitally merged them with the original famous image.